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A Visual Journey – Stephen Ang

Scott Pernicka Glass Orbs

December in NYC is always the time to peruse over 100 booths of artisans exhibiting their handcrafted creations throughout Grand Central Terminal, Bryant Park and Union Square. What a great way to celebrate the season! This year, one artist, Scott Pernicka of Internal Fire Glass (IFG), received my attention with his hypnotic glass orbs, and the IFG representative Kathleen informed me that he uses optics and physics to create dimensional spaces that amaze. As a former glass blower in college, I found myself curious about materials and mesmerized by his “flame working”.

The spherical glass he creates of silica and mineral oxides are smooth orbs that challenge one’s perception. The Gold & Silver Galaxy orb demonstrates how he turns metals into a gas, then enclosing it within glass; and the iridescent curvilinear lines and multi dimensional space evoke a sense of awe.

Scott Pernicka
Fire Glass


Fire Glass
Fire Glass

The Dichroic Vortex stimulates the senses with swirling vibrant spirals created with lab grown crystallized metal and Gilson opals.

Fire Glass
Fire Glass

Viewing on a mantle or in one’s hand, the meticulously designed objects are an open invitation to feed the imagination and momentarily escape to the cosmos.

April 25, 2015

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