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Stephen Ang [ Ideation + Communication ]


An environment 4 inquisitive minds where you can discuss and develop a concept with an interdisciplinary perspective in writing and/or video-conference. My mission as a creative and educator is to inspire individuals to raise their visual standard and to reflect their best in thought, choice and contribution.

"People don't change when they are told, people change when they are willing". The willingness to grow and learn with all of our sensory filters finely tuned allows us to appreciate the subtleties of who we are and the circumstances we encounter. An image, sound or person can be the one catalyst to shift our perception and enhance our awareness. An interdisciplinary approach to business, academia and everyday living can assist with discovering alternatives for extant solutions, streamlined thought process and to gain a perspective with unanswered queries. The most challenging circumstance, special moments and undaunted individuals can shift our perception, lead us to new paths and provide the opportunity for change and empowerment.

My education and professional career began as a draftsman and facilities planner for engineers and architects and I gradually segued from precision and perspective to syncopation and composition performing music, and working as a visual artist. In addition to creating and traveling as a creative, I find myself researching art + science and the interplay of imagery, text and sound. 

The highest academic education I have received apart from the walls of Parsons, NY, North Texas and Pennsylvania has been from the streets/art of New York,  sands of the Caribbean islands, Hutongs of China to the mountains of Colorado. Ongoing education and teaching has been the most inspirational and rewarding means of expression and refinement. In addition to academia, I am co-director of - photo/design and a fellow with The Royal Society for the Arts: -  an international  society based on creativity, inclusivity and responsibility. is dedicated to my sister, Denise who had embraced the philosophy of  Mark Twain ~ Love truly, laugh uncontrollably and never forget anything that makes you smile ~



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