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Guidance and Inspiration


I feel the best way to communicate is face to face, actively listening, generating insightful questions and eventually using solution focused and radiant thinking to resolve a business dilemma, develop a concept, or to generate imaginative ideas for a new venture.


Mail or Skype: $37.50/30minutes – 6o minutes/$75.00

  • First, Reserve a time slot in the calendar 30 or 60 minutes, located on the home page menu, “Appointment”
  • Then return this page to “Take This Course”
  • Add to Cart 1 = 30 minutes, 2 = 60 minutes
  • View Cart or Checkout
  • Fill out billing details, terms and conditions, bottom of page, then  proceed to PayPal
  • After you reserve a time slot in the calendar and payment is approved, I will receive a notification of your appointment for our Skype video conference or email consultation. I will speak/see you soon, Stephen
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