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Everyday China_Ang_16/06/08

Baiziwan Lu, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China

Searching for a nutritious breakfast in the Chaoyang District can be from a restaurant, outdoor cafe, 7/11 or a local hot spot. New York and Colorado have vendors and deli’s to serve a quick meal and Beijing has the local cooks on the corner, hand roll and steam their dumplings while you wait. Five minutes, 10 Yuen and chopsticks.

Beijing China
Beijing China


When it was time to order food, I chose to point to the last customer’s bag of dumplings and thank the cook in Mandarin, xie xie (shea shea). After my meal, I stayed at the table and selected my favorite pencils to draw this intriguing environment. I received curious looks, but mostly smiles of appreciation.

Stephen Ang

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