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Change when you Notice 0815_stephen ang

Change when you notice 08/15
Fran’s Garden_stephen ang watercolor_copyright LightPerspectives



“People don’t change when they are told they change when they notice” I heard these words several years ago and they still hold true today. Do I want to change the way I approach life? How do I notice the things that are beguiling? Are there indicators that support me in the best direction?

Several yeas ago, throughout the summer, I would sit on the front porch of my house every evening, and peruse the activity in the neighborhood as well as my neighbors flower and vegetable gardens. Eye candy and quiet entertainment. One day in August, I really noticed the loosely arranged garden across the street, and the energy of a spry creative woman of 80, who coined her outdoor creation ” Garden of Weed-in”.

The color, texture and scent of the garden, and  appreciation for her creation stirred the senses.  One week later, the environment I ignored and took for granted found it’s way onto cold pressed watercolor paper with organic shapes and colored pigment. Fran, honeysuckle, sterling silver roses and berries are intriguing conversation. Thanks for nurturing the free spirited flowers and grasses. Stephen


This NY Times article by Claire Martin, Aug. 15, 15, is relevant to “Change when you Notice”. The eyeglass lenses that #Don McPherson invented were meant for surgeons, now the #En Chroma spectacles find a niche among the #Colorblind:

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