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Amy Radcliffe designed a camera that records your favorite smells. How to succeed with your Madeline:

The Earth Institute brings together the people and tools needed to address some of the world’s most difficult problems, from climate change and environmental degradation, to poverty, disease and the sustainable use of resources. Visit their website here:

Circle Up believes

> Great entrepreneurs deserve funding from passionate investors

> Technology allows for accredited investors to find, vet, and invest in companies in a new way

> A community of investors, backing a company individually and collectively, can help a company grow beyond just the financial contribution

For years, we saw passionate consumer entrepreneurs struggle to find the support they need to grow their brand—to hire more employees, produce more product, and share their dream with more consumers. Consumer companies were often forced to reach out to friends and family—a long and often awkward process. At the same time, we saw investors that were passionate about these innovative consumer product and retail companies, but didn’t know how to get in touch with the entrepreneurs. We created CircleUp to make this process more efficient. Ryan Caldbeck, CEO: Visit their website here: 

The Green Suits, LLC provides talent recruitment and workforce success management for green business and social good. We focus on these industries:

Cleantech (solar, wind, water, waste-to -energy, nanotech, etc.)
> Renewables
> Resource Sustainability & Recycling
> Corporate Sustainability & Social Responsibility
> Turning conventional companies “green”
Visit their website here:

This organization seeks fundamental knowledge about the origin, evolution and future of the natural world. Its scientists study the planet from its deepest inter to the outer reaches of its atmosphere, on every continent and in every ocean, providing a rational basis for the difficult choices facing humanity. Visit their website here:

THRIVE is a 12-week group personal training program designed for people who have become re-conditioned or chronically fatigued from battling cancer. With the guidance or specially trained personal trainers, participants build back muscle mass and muscular strength, increase flexibility and cardiovascular endurance and improve functional ability. Participants are also offered the opportunity to try a sampling of group exercise classes within the supportive environment of the group. THRIVE participants and their families receive a free family membership to the Y for the duration of the program.  Visit their website here:

SUPPORT CONNECTION, INC. is a not-for-profit organization that provides emotional, social and educational support to women, their families and friends affected by breast and ovarian cancer. Although our office is in Yorktown Heights, NY, we help people all over the country via our toll-free services. Our services are always free and confidential to anyone seeking support or information regarding all aspects of diagnosis, treatment, recovery and beyond, for themselves or for a loved one. The professional Peer Counselors on our staff are cancer survivors who listen to your individual needs and provide personalized support. Visit their site here:

Princeton Creative Marketing (PCM) is New Jersey’s only holistic marketing consultancy. At PCM, we offer creative marketing strategies and services to our clients that combine the best components of traditional marketing and today's rapidly evolving digital and online platforms. Our emphasis is on finding the perfect balance that works for both you and your customers.

We help determine who your customers really are, what they think, and how best to reach them with your message. Using our unique holistic framework, we then create a marketing plan and set of strategies to help you grow your business. For a full description of services, Visit their website here:

Exoplanets and Love: Science That Connects Us to One Another. A mission scientist with NASA's Kepler Space Telescope, Natalie Batalha hunts for exoplanets — Earth-sized planets beyond our solar system that might harbor life. She speaks about unexpected connections between things like love and dark energy, science and gratitude, and how "exploring the heavens" brings the beauty of the cosmos and the exuberance of scientific discovery closer to us all. Visit their website here and select play episode: 

The University of Akron Biomimicry Research and Innovation Center (BRIC) is an initiative dedicated to the advancement of innovation inspired by nature. Together with our regional partners, we are building an internationally recognized center for biomimicry research, design, teaching and training. The work of BRIC is to align the creative ideas of scientists, engineers, artists, and entrepreneurs to catalyze invention. By partnering our existing biomimetic research expertise with the Great Lakes Biomimicry (GLBio) business leaders, the BRIC paradigm lays the foundation for sustainable economic and educational innovation powered by nature-inspired technologies. Visit their website here:

Innovation Excellence is the online home of the global innovation community, building upon a rapidly-growing network with thousands of members from over 175 countries – thought leaders, executives, practitioners, consultants, vendors, and academia representing all sectors and industries.   Our mission is to broadly enhance innovation by providing a forum for connection and conversation across this community – assembling an ever-growing arsenal of resources, best practices and proven answers for achieving innovation excellence. Visit their website here:

Aurora health care states that ozone is non-toxic and can be used as an oxidizer to destroy bacteria, viruses, parasites,  mold, fungus and harmful chemicals. Visit their site here:

Research scientists discovered that ozone stimulates the immune system, and increases the amount of oxygen delivered to the red blood cells creating harmony within all of our systems. Visit their site here: 




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