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Inverted Grass Mindset

Landscaping in the bright mountain sun has a way of altering ones energy and perception. Today, my wife and I dug sections of grass and carefully placed them on the hot concrete to dry before recycling the dirt and disposing of the lifeless grass. Inspired by the design elements of the inverted grass, we began talking about the Whitney Biennial in NY, and the insights the artists communicate about their work, and how it parallels the shapes, textures and possible narrative of the dehydrated grass.

We felt the grass was confused lying upside down detached from its nourishing environment, and metaphorical for the way we felt, physically tired with our faces to the dirt, myopic view and derrière to the sky.

·      Is the earth and grass just reflecting our thoughts or conveying an earthly message?

Inverted Grass_stephen ang


Moments ago the earth was living quietly absorbing natures elements and in return creating a plush colorful texture, a haven for insects and lunch for friendly red robins. Obviously, the grass is oblivious to our internal dialog, but is it being pretentious positioning its gnarly brown surface in our face, or feeling vulnerable with its grassroots exposed? I guess exhaustion can lead to a non sequitur and occasional witty connections?


  • Can Mother Nature teach us appreciation and respect for other living things?
  • Or can I re-frame the innate intelligence of the grass to adapt to my way of thinking?
  • Is drama + trauma necessary to change an individual’s modes of thought?


Grass and Roots_stephen ang



Our conversation was a welcomed diversion and realized that non-linear thinking and spontaneous levity can lead to alternative solutions, a fresh perspective or just a way to enjoy the moment?

Is the inverted grass mindset representative of our personal or global state of affairs or a 6 month re-calibration?

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