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heart brain connection

“Who you are speaks so loudly; I cannot hear what you are saying”  Ralph Waldo Emerson


An object that is most dominant in my field of vision has a tendency to either direct, disorient or diffuse what I can see and what I want to see, also, momentarily influence how I make decisions.

Am I really observing everything in my environment? According to neuroscientist’s, the unconscious mind can process 11 million bits of data/second and consciously filter 40-60 bits/second. Our preconceived notions or beliefs selectively filter, interpret, and intuit our thoughts and feelings about a person, place or thing within seconds of verbal communication.


texture of summer

Can I honestly make decisions and communicate to myself and others if I cannot perceive my environment, and most importantly life honestly and clearly? Of course I can, but with resistance, grievance and myopic vision. Is this true? Daily sketching, mind mapping and writing are 3 techniques I use to clarify my intention and values, for enhancing my perception, and refining my creative thought process. I experiment and still feel resistant to change, such is life.






Heart Coherence Technique:

The heart-brain connection:



Landscape ink drawing

Clear intention radiates from the heart and the mind is our enlightened steward. Have a Creative Day, Stephen

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