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Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado
Gore Range, Rocky Mountain National Park – 12,183 ft.



We arrived at the summit to find bright sun, brisk air and solitude. My wife and I slowly (less oxygen) and carefully observed years of greenery that grows inches in the adverse weather conditions. The air is windy and always invigorating. As you can see, the summer season has ice at the summit, while 90 degree weather shines below at 5,280 ft.

Lake Irene Area

We traveled East to West along Trail Ridge Road, passed Lava Cliffs, Medicine Bow Curve and lastly Lake Irene. We were tucked away in a secluded area near Milner Pass where we sat quietly observing the billowy white shapes release  raindrops rhythmically on the ponds surface. The every changing value and tone of the trees, grass, rocks and water provided a challenging subject to draw.

Trail Ridge Road


water pattern


I felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude for the nuances of nature’s sounds, imagery, and earthy brown + green pine scent. I know my wife’s camera captured those special moments, but unfortunately, unable to capture the sensory experience.

Where are my oculus glasses and Madeline, the camera that records smells:



  • How do I visually represent the various scents, sounds and emotions?
  • what is most important?
  • How do I represent texture?
  • How do I convey the uniform and syncopated rhythms?

Observe, Integrate, Create, Articulate – 4 ingredients that enhance my perception, clean my sensory filters, deliver optimum nourishment and subconsciously have me more respectful of others

Sketch of Lake Irene area
  • Mountain Rhythms










Creative Expression with an interdisciplinary perspective is the way I approach life. I’ll see you at the next summit

Gore Range Overlook at 12,183 – 25 million years old


August 9, 2017
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